Splinter Cell Remake – Stepping Out of the Shadows | Developer Presentation

Check out the developer presentation revealing the Splinter Cell Remake! Splinter Cell is a long beloved fan favorite among gaming fans and now a remake is on the way. This presentation is a walkthrough by the devs and starts to go through how…

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  1. I have very little trust in Ubisoft these days and knows deep down they’ll include a store involving countless microtransactions.

  2. Splinter Cell 1 was a surreal, tactical stealth game, drenched in atmosphere. The musical score… haunting and dark. Can't wait for this, very excited!!

  3. The baked lighting of the original game looked amazing at the time, I can only imagine what they can do with dynamic lighting and raytracing for the remake.

  4. Idk about this, I would’ve been happy with a modern warfare level remaster but a remake? I just hope they keep Michael Ironsides as the voice actor and not change it (like Mafia), and I hope they don’t make it political either

  5. they could've made a big ending to the trilogy that takes place after blacklist. But no, everyone wants to continue the trend of remaking or "remastering" games because they have no ideas. We don't need the games remade, they still hold up. The franchise needs a close and an epic one with spies vs mercs.

  6. Just look to Capcom and Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes for inspiration, and clues for what to and not to do, and I think the game will be fine!! I hope you guys use either the Unreal 5 Engine, or make a deal to use the RE Engine.

  7. Cool. Always wished for new Splinter Cell in which you'd become Sam's trainee. Customize your character and Sam would take the place of Lambert while you were on mission. Just an idea.

  8. I really hope this means Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory will be getting a remake as well. To be able to play their multiplayer again, after how heartbreaking it was when they took down the original Xbox Live servers, would be a dream come true.

  9. If they perfect this and was extremely success maybe then it will make Ubisoft Developers' head come out of their asses and they will be like 'ohhhhhh i think we made too many open world which is mostly copy paste with mediocre story."

  10. I really don't think this series needs a remake they should continue the sequel from blacklist but in my opinion they should remastered instead of remaking it

  11. anytime Time Sooner Konami I won't forgive Them and the longest waiting of MGS Remakes if it Ever happens This no Good not New CEO should leave Konami after they Fired a Rest of old School Gamer's like Jobs Character's are Unhappy They been kick out

  12. Next Splinter Cell needs:

    -Lighting and shadows to work like Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, but using the AnvilNext 2.0, AnvilNext 3.0 (If it comes out by then), Unreal Engine 5 Game Engine.
    -Tactical gameplay mechanics like Ghost Recon Wildlands, Breakpoint, and Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain.
    -Character Physics for sam to be like Arno from Assassin's Creed Unity (Best parkour physics in any game in my opinion and is best suited for what sam does)
    -Great story plot.
    -Spies vs Mercs to have Splinter Cell Blacklist gameplay mechanics for spies and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 OR Rainbow Six Siege gameplay mechanics for mercs.
    -Co-Op mode with it's own story mode OR find a way to implement it in Sams story but having a sort of behind the scenes mission type feel. For example: Main story (Single Player) is going to be you playing through the story as Sam Fisher. 2 Player Co-Op OR 4 Player Online Multiplayer mode can be other spies supporting Sam Fisher within the same missions as Single Player but they'll take place in a different area of the same location Sam is in.
    -Music, obviously should have a new playlist of tracks made by either Amon Tobin OR Flying Lotus. (I personally feel one of these two would fit for the music of the game perfectly.)

    -Definitely an awesome trailer like they did for ghost recon breakpoint deep dive dlc for splinter cell with that same James Bond like feel and of course cue in that famous Amon Tobin song!

    -Lastly, TONS of nostalgic things within the game as fan service to the fans of the best things that came from splinter cell Pandora’s tomorrow and chaos theory as well as the dlc from breakpoint.

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