Sifu Preview – Growing Stronger With Death

Sifu blends together all the best parts of martial arts, frenetic action, and a challenging set of opponents. In this video, we break down our time spent with Sloclap’s press preview build.

The hands-on preview build we were given only features…

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  1. i cancelled my preorder when I saw that the custom spoiler-free demo they made was only sent to youtube shills. if they aren't confident enough to let people actually play and instead need to get yes men to convince me its good, I don't trust them anymore

  2. I wonder if this game will allow you to customize the character as well. Probably not since it wasn't really highlighted in any of the trailers but hey, a guy can hope

  3. We need an Oni remake with these fighting mechanics. Just imagine Konoko pulling off these moves with Daodan Chrysalis superpowers as the RPG progression aspect.

  4. This looks great I played sleeping dogs again this year And now im playing The Warriors for the first time which as also been great so far. There are not allot of beat em ups anymore.

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