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Sifu | New Gameplay Today

Join us on this episode of New Gameplay Today where Marcus and Stadnik go hands-on with developer Sloclap’s Sifu and tell you why it needs to be on your radar for 2022.

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  1. It looks great but sleeping dogs still has the flow and feel of hand 2 hand combat trophy still. I don't think a parry and a dodge is necessarily good for close combat balancing.

    I think there also should be an element where if someone isn't aware that youre hostile a surprise attack will cause massive damage, similar to stealth but from the front.

    I don't think I'm being picky its just these days the jump in mechanics in games should be dramatic.

  2. At first when they show the quick time event icon i thought it was 2 eyes or circles spinning showing they dizzy or like batman telling you they going to strike. reminds me of assassins creed when guards surround you and you trying to parry. maybe enemies only attack if you do lol and can just walk past if dont hit first. wonder if we will get blood on them and also on floor

  3. First impression.. Psychotic kung fu incel visits public club = this game. Plot is shit, environment/atmosphere is really good, kinda reminds me of the 90's redundant button-mashing games like Streets of Rage.

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