PS Plus Games For January LEAKED? | GameSpot News

In today’s episode of GameSpot News, Persia discusses the free PlayStation Plus games that were reportedly leaked for January, Tesla is being investigated for letting drivers play behind the wheel, and more.

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  1. Just because something lets you do play games while driving doesn't mean you should. My phone lets me watch movies and play games while driving, does that mean I do it?

  2. Good on the person that filed the complaint. I honestly get scared driving next to Tesla's. I don't know if I'm going to have to worry about a distracted driver or the driving Ai

  3. They could've just given us Persona 5. I'm not interested in a spin off. They could've gotten more fans into Persona and they blew that opportunity

  4. I'm a bit disappointed in this month's selection but I'll still give them a try at least. I thought Sony would want a very strong January to show off to the new Christmas intake from sales

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