Pokémon Legends Arceus – December Update Trailer

Introducing the Diamond and Pearl clans in Pokémon Legends: Arceus – two rivalling groups with conflicting beliefs surrounding a deity known as the almighty Sinnoh! Pokémon Legends: Arceus, launching January 28th on Nintendo…

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  1. This blue guy looks like a Very tomgirl version of Sokka from Avatar, and looks like it is referencing a very strange meme, also Touhou in this game huh Pokemon is getting random intentional or not.

  2. The game looks pretty good right now, wish the textures were better but I’m very excited to play this! It’ll be like my first time playing BOTW or Pokémon Emerald all over again!!

  3. 0:120:50 it’s a shame there going with the tacky sword and shield sound font what’s up with those quacking noises ? They need to go with a orchestra or something better. The second song is a lot better tho at least

  4. Lian has the same hat as the ground gym leader in black and white, and another thing Volo looks like Cynthia and ginter looks like Volkner, wow im really excited for this game man

  5. The games graphics is just poor. It's like we're looking at a game that was intended on the Gamecube graphically speaking.

    I remember people were complaining about the Sinnoh Remakes, and how people were going to skip Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and will get Pokemon Legends: Arceus instead. Well now that we are close to the Pokemon Legends: Arceus release there has been a few trailers that kind of help determine the games quality. And let's just say that people are complaining about this game and it's quality for about the same reasons that people were complaining about Sword and Shield.

    Sw & Sh being released in 2019 and Pokemon Legends: Arceus being released in 2022 nearly 3 years later. The quality between these two games have not changed.

    Meanwhile you have your Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Legend of Zelda, and many other Nintendo big league titles that can and even in some scenarios have improved graphically and quality wise within their own 3 to 5 year time gap. Going from Mario 3D world to Mario Odyssey is a graphical leap.

    It's one of those situations where a Billion Dollar company such as Gamefreak will lazily copy and paste assets and create a game with middle of the road graphics that isn't really on par with this generations gaming industry. Granted pokemon isn't a game that is notorious for its wonderful amazing graphics I get that but that's just it. It seems to be the norm and that people are accepting of this even though other games and developers are improving certain aspects of their own game while providing a modern touch in terms of graphics. Even Pixel related games have evolved over the years utilizing 2.5D graphics such as Octopath Traveler or Triangle Strategy.

    It's just strange how Pokemon has lots of formats, Mobile game, Card Game, Video Games, Merch / Collectibles. And yet the Pokemon Company / Gamefreak can't even push out a single Pokemon game that will provide the wow factor that other Nintendo games have provided. Pokemon certainly lacks the wow factor when it comes to their own video games.

    I wish that they would listen to their fans and realize that if it cost 27 million dollars to develop Pokemon Sword and Shield. They should just take us seriously and invest in a pokemon game that cost 50+ million dollars to develop. They'd make profit out of it anyways if they can make profit without trying then it's easily to say that they'd make profit if they'd push out a game with a twice the budget and two to three times better graphics and quality.

    Seeing the trailers now we can say that it's the final product and that any changes will be very minimal yet the quality and graphics will remain the same for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Personally the game looks dated for a 2022 title.

    But I am certain people will hate on my comment and downplay it or better yet just complain how they didn't read it blah blah blah. People who take the time to write something, compare and break down the flaws in something are usually the ones who know what they're talking about.

  6. I know the graphics are.. eh, but tbh, if you look at it in the right way it kinda looks like a really old painting. It’s old and the color has faded a bit, and of course there is a few cracks here and there, but it’s still beautiful none the less!

  7. This… looks mediocre. Step in the right direction but they refuse to commit to really stepping into next gen with better graphics and actual voice acting. There’s no reason this game couldn’t have cut scenes on par with their anime.

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