Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl | Post-Game Guide

In this video we break down everything you can still do in Brilliant Diamond & Shiny Pearl after you defeat the Elite Four and roll credits on the game for the first time.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl might have a different endgame…

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  1. I never understood nostalgia until I saw the post game for the Giratina event for BDSP. Platinum was the first Pokemon game I completed, and I have fond memories of it. Seeing Platinum be recognized is pulling my heart strings. Say what you will about the remakes, but the developers knew how to harness the nostalgia that the pokemon franchise has become so dependent on.

  2. The national dex is necessary for a majority of the post game content as they won't unlock until after you get it, affectively making the national dex the most important thing to obtain:
    1. Rematching the gym leaders.
    2. Getting Bebe's Eevee.
    3. Unlocking Ramanas park.
    4. Getting Rotom.
    5. Pokémon infestations ("There's a lot of voltorb's on route 208!"). – Mentioned in video
    6. Underground getting more Pokemon. – Mentioned in video
    7. Unlocking the route that was blocked by a man near the end of victory road.
    8. Getting the Pokéradar, the catching charm, and DS sounds.
    9. Getting all the apps on the Pokétch.
    10. Rematching the Elite Four.
    There's most likely even more things, but I can't think of what all they are.

  3. This guy just has approximate knowledge on what he's talking about. IV is intrinsic values? Yeah, it means the same but it's not what it's called. Also, rotom evolves into different forms??

  4. Although this is a great guide. I'll keep it short.

    No, there is nothing worth your time after beating Cynthia. Sell the game, and find a new one to play. You're welcome.

  5. The mysterious shards are a pain. Been digging for 4 hours and only got enough to catch the regis. So annoying I dont even feel like wasting more hours to get the other legendary pokemon

  6. It took me 25hrs to do all the trainer battles, beat all the gym leaders, complete the elite 4, and finish the regional dex.

    I'm happy there is so much post game content, because I was going to be sad otherwise

  7. For people who are unaware and need Drifloon, go into your Switch settings and just change the date to a Friday and go to the powerplant. He will literally be by the front door.

  8. You can battle the gym leaders once a day. You can also rematch the E4 twice. Their Pokemon will be in the 70s and 80s during the second rematch.

  9. I'm honestly really happy to see everyone in the comments happy. I hope you all have a great and blessed year through these tough times 💜

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