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In this episode of GameSpot News, we talk about PlayStation planning a game pass competitor, Battlefield 2042’s Santa Clause skin not being available for purchase and Madden 22’s franchise mode updates not being canceled.  

In this video,…

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  1. Just let me just download the games I’ve already purchased from those PS systems. If I’ve already purchased a digital PS2, PS3, or PSP game and I can still download it on that system… I WANT TO BE ABLE TO PLAY IT ON THE LATEST WITHOUT HAVING TO GET THE SUBSCRIPTION!

  2. smfh who tf wants to play a game where youre maxed out and at the endgame… AND THEN go buy the game…. dumbest thing i have ever heard of smh

  3. Hey, I thought Sony said this type of model was “not sustainable.” Oh well…welcome sony to the future. Now, PS fans get to enjoy a subscription service closer to gamepass. Hope they do it right.

  4. This isn’t GamePass. Just tell me where this is even remotely similar. Why would people keep misinforming. Sony is just unifying existing services and then charging different tiers. There isn’t going to be day and date offerings, let alone cloud gaming regardless of hardware platforms.

  5. So many questions about the whole Ps1, Ps2, and Ps3 being on a service especially Ps3 but what about for people that own the disc versions of those games they aleady have and 2nd how does Ps3 games that have DLCs (like Call of duty, Borderlands, etc) gonna imply, will people have to rebuy all the DLCs again. Because for games like Black ops 1 and Black ops 2 I still own all those DLCs through the old Ps3 store. Like in think playstation now didn't provide or implement DLCs with various Ps3 games like Borderlands. Like can they even implement the DLCs alongside the games they are from. Ps1 and Ps2 probably are too difficult to be implemented but for Ps3 it seems complicated on not just the games themselves but the add-on DLCs. Like I don't know how the whole ordeal with Gamepass or backwards compatible and the DLCs stuff work with X-box.

  6. This whole PlayStation game Pass thing is being interpreted incorrectly. This a change in the business model not the actual service. If you read the original article you'll realise that there will be no ps5 day 1 releases and Legacy games will be streaming only due to hardware limitations. It's basically what you already have with ps now. The only change is the branding and the introduction of a tier system.

  7. I didn’t buy a PS5 to play old games, it’s not a slight but it’s just nothing that I find substantial enough to pay for over my gamepass.

  8. If they would just update to turn the old PS3 into a $10/m game Netflix type service and bring back multiplayer, I would definitely pay that on the legacy PS3

  9. The funny thing about this that ironically Microsoft is gonna be running those PlayStation gamepass wannabe Servers ??? don’t forget Sony is partnered with Microsoft for this type of service Microsoft is still gonna be making money off Sony ???

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