PlayStation Plus Games Confirmed… But Godfall Is Different | GameSpot News

In this episode of GameSpot News, we talk about December’s PlayStation Plus games being confirmed, Titanfall 1 being taking off digital store shelves, physical copies of GTA: The Trilogy being delayed and Fall Guys not coming to Xbox and Switch…

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  1. This is no biggy… FOR NOW! But it has potential to ruin longterm commitments to ps plus. This could be seen as corrosion from the top. Ok that Sony execs picks the games in monthly free lineup, and they need to choose games that incentivizes continuation of plus, but if these becomes "inferior" editions instead, this becomes a big problem in a couple of years.

  2. This doesn’t make sense to me. I was going to get Godfall from Best Buy but didn’t because it was coming to PS+. Why does Sony do this? I’m not playing this version. Maybe I’ll buy the full game instead but for now this is just crazy to me and I won’t be playing it.

  3. It's a DEMO… that's how a demo work. Theres demo that let's you play the beginning of the game, some let you save and continue if you buy. There's some that start a farther in the game. This just start at the end. Question is, do you get to keep the loot… probably not… it's a demo.

  4. This decision is almost as weird as the Final Fantasy 7 Remake one. You can't upgrade to the PS5 version if you claimed the game with PS Plus, which I don't personally think would have been a problem if they weren't planning on releasing Intergrade DLC. But since Intergrade DLC can only be purchased on the PS5 edition of the game, all the people who got it through PS Plus simply can't play it unless they buy the whole game again

  5. Thank you for not using the word "FREE" (Free PS+ Games) and "NEED" (thing you need to know about X and Y) on the other video. Gamespot i don't like you but i respect you alot for this change.

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