Persona 4 Arena Ultimax | Game Awards 2021

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is a new fighting game releasing for PS4, Switch and Steam on March 17, 2022.

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  1. With Crosstag and CF getting rollback. Good God I'm hoping this has it. This game was trapped on ps3 and 360 for so long and I'm mad I've never gotten to play it.

  2. I love this game but I really wish we'd get more characters (persona 5 characters I guess cause I cant think of more persona 3 and 4 characters they haven't already added) or just persona 5 arena. But maybe this rerelease is a sign that a p5a is in the works

  3. Many people wonder why this is here, but not Golden. It's simply because the goal was to port the actual fighting game, not the Persona game. ASW has been making it a goal to make sure their most popular old games can be played in good online conditions nowadays due to popular demand, and I suppose Atlus was not against selling more of it, possibly at their request, or by their own decision.

  4. What I like about Persona 4 Arena is that it isn't Blazblue with all the tier list shenanigans with characters so tough to play that most just played like 3 or 4, all the characters here are good and accessible and can still do batshit crazy stuff. Blazblue I feel was Arc-sys' testing ground.

  5. this legit comes out on my moms birthday
    my mom is not a gamer….then rune factory 5 comes out March 25th, which is like barely a week after this….gonna have to consider carefully if i want both

  6. the beginning makes me think that each reveal will be related to a specific game, its already been suggested that p3p will be ported, next will maybe be something related to p2? then p1? and then p5 or p6 related

  7. Man I've been getting further and further down the persona rabbit hole.
    In all honesty I hope they port the original Persona and Megami Tensei to switch. Those were weird games

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