Own GTA: Trilogy? Get A Free Game Today! | GameSpot News

In today’s episode of GameSpot News, Persia talks about how PC Grand Theft Auto Trilogy owners can now get a game for free, Halo Infinite’s new Winter event that just went live, and more.

Players who purchased the PC version of the game…

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  1. Does anyone still remember that enhance ps5 and series x version that we were suppose to receive? Did Rockstar use the trilogy as a distraction? Sneaky, Sneaky, Rockstars.

  2. I just realized the disgusting rain effects weren't suppose to be as bad as they were when compared to that trailer and what was actually in the game.

  3. Really? They're still only doing it through their own backwards and mediocre DRM launcher? Basically they're saying "Take one of these games you very likely already have, it's just a copy paste job for us so whatever, and if you don't want that then get some pointless online items for a couple of our games, one of which was released on the PS3". So glad I didn't care about this trilogy as I just play the originals.

  4. Ofc rockstar had to offer something for pc players they wouldn't stop crying about it. pc always complains the most???? rockstar take notes. You can never make pc players happy.

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