NFTs In Gaming… Are We Doomed?

In this video, DeVante breaks down NFTs and what they could mean for the gaming industry going forward following the release of Ubisoft Quartz. 

On December 7th, 2021, Ubisoft announced its first project in the NFT space titled Ubisoft Quartz….

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  1. here's a pro of nft, maybe some item (token) you bought on assassin's creed can also be used for example for division. idk. as long as games make them optional, i'm all good on it. i'll not be overly negative. i think what's wrong with this video and how people view NFT are that people view NFT are just JPEGS on the internet. which is right but it's just 5% of the story. NFT's are essentialy "Unique Code" that only the owner of the NFT can access. so let's say that code can be a battle pass, it can be a skin that can be used on all their games. maybe it can go cross games, it can be a token to own a game, maybe an NFT to pass a certain skin/weapon to another player. So it's definitely possible with this tech which is not really done before. and yes, as you mentioned, it can also be just a "jpeg"

  2. I’m still confused tbh. I mean…you “own” this meme video. But you don’t profit off me watching it. And I can watch it for free. So what do you gain?

  3. been stocking up on games for half my life… i'm gonna need an extra life to play them. industry has been killing gaming for the past 20 years. who cares at this point. i am stocked for gaming apocalypse.

  4. If there were an open world mmo that gave you the ability to mine for, search, or hunt different variety NFTs… Rare animals, materials, unique one of a kind items… Like discovering an ultra rare long lost 15th century painting or treasure on a sunken ship IRL… One of a kind items that are 100% unique via the way they look and through code. Items that once found belonged to you and could not be replicated… Then I would most definitely be down for that. I am not ok with items that look the same and are only separated by a serial number. I'd love to discover a super rare pistol in a FPS MMO that no one else could have unless I sold it or gave it to them. I'm talking about rare weapons that are actually rare weapons. Not something that anyone can obtain by grinding. No, you gotta grind, be smart and be lucky!

  5. Looking at Steam making a bold move to ban NFTs tells u how much this move will support creators & innovation. They make 75% of all profits in mrkt. Its going to b a huge mistake since the future cant b denied & this is coming to fruition right now – gamers at the biggest companies will b spending a lot of time on NFts web3. This is good for the creators & will get push back from web2 platforms who have the loudest platforms since media will also want to prtoct the status quo where the few control the many & make 90% of the wealth. we couldnt c web2 coming but it did, just as web3 will not stop. no reason to b doomed its just morphing, those who cant c it should listen to Tim Ferriss interview Naval & Chris Dixon in oct, its the best convo on all aspects

  6. btw, the negative isnt always real. Its gonna get push back from Steam who will go out its way to make it sound horrible. there will b a war & NFTs will win… steam made a HUGE mistake.

  7. What a great video explanation about this new NFT craze in gaming. I had no idea what NFT's in gaming would look like. This whole thing feels really odd and seems to be tailored towards the 1% of people with a whole lot of money. A million dollars for a rare cat in a game? Absolutely insane! You could buy a nice home, a car, or donate to charity with that type of money. The whole concept is ridiculous. Not sure if I'll ever understand it unless I won the lottery. lol jk. Still wouldn't buy NFT's.

  8. NFT games are on the rise! You gotta check Universe Island. This will bring an exciting gaming experience through its 1vs1 shooting game concept

  9. Gamers will whine for a little bit but throw money at their screens soon enough. Developers would see this as $$$ if people weren't eager to pay. People want that million dollar Pokémon and want it bad (a million dollars bad).

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