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Most Anticipated Games Of 2022 | GI Show

Join us on this bursting episode of The Game Informer Show as we celebrate making it to 2022 and look ahead to our most anticipated games of the new year. We’re breaking down all the big hitters from Elden Ring, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the…

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  1. I still don't understand why people call the machines in HZD are dinosaurs, most of them are based on current day animals. Large cats, horses, deer, bulls, alligators, hawks and the like. I do get some are based on dinosaurs but for the most part most of them aren't. An with all the new talk about it I hear it over and over it just bothers me a little maybe no bothers but obviously they havent actually played the game if you call them all robot dinosaurs… lol but hey just my opinion

  2. Nobody:

    Absolutely nobody:

    Jay Guisao: “like right like like right right like like right like right like like right right like right like right like right like right like right’.

  3. Sad to see the cast make fun of Horizon, but I have to admit, I didn't expect the game to give such a great explanation for why, out of anything, the robots are animals. The game does a phenomenal job revealing why that is that way. It was the most mindblowing part of the game for me. Don't rob yourself of it and play through the game. I thought it'd be some silly pay off and I was so wrong.

  4. Don’t bother waiting for Nintendo games to go on sale because they never do. It’s a huge issue that I wish people would criticize them more for doing. EA and Activision get so much hate but imo Nintendo is even more anti consumer and get a pass because of their rabid fan base.

  5. I’m sorry but what necessarily does Van Aken offer as cohost or to the pod? He hardly engages with the other panelists, doesn’t seem as knowledgeable of the talking points, and flat out looks bored half the time. I’d rather have literally any other game informer contributor come in to talk games, Alex Stadnik is great as a solo host.

  6. Apparently robotic Cobras, bears, horses alligators, antelope, deer, rams, sabretooths, scorpions, and non-animal machines are now considered robotic dinosaurs. 🤪

  7. Someone else probably already said, but Battlefied Earth is the scientology propaganda book/movie. Starship Troopers is the actually GOOD military/capitalism sci Fi satire book/movie.

  8. You say Fallout 4 was not received well but didn’t it win game of the year in tons of places. Fallout 76 was the flop since then. They really a haven’t released any thing else since then

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