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KartRider Drift | New Gameplay Today

Buckle up racing fans. Wes and Stadnik are here on this episode of New Gameplay Today to talk about our hands-on time with the KartRider Drift beta and let you know if it’s worth entering the race for.

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  1. I am really looking forward to this launching. Played the CB3 and was pretty fun. Isn't Mario Kart nor close to be fair however for a non Nintendo game its good fun and I'll sink some hours into it for sure

  2. The lack of CTR shoutouts makes me sad, its one of the best if not the best kart racer. Its one of the most skill based kart racers. It also has a full campaign with boss battles and a story.

  3. Very uninformed comment about the Sonic racing games. Sonic Racing Transformed is well-known to be on par with the best Mario Kart games. Team sonic racing is also amazing, and a thousand times better than this game

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