I Played the GTA Trilogy 20 Years Later…

The GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition is finally out, and not quite what everyone was hoping for. Dave Klein of DaveControl took the opportunity to play all three games – GTA 3, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas in order to see how they held up…

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  1. The walks are normal you m0r0n, it’s a game built around parodies have you never played GTA before open your eyes clever guy, what a people pleaser

  2. The rpg elements and gang wars, workouts, dating and everything was already in the original game sir. Its not new, Just saying. Also I remember the driver series going 3d and saying to my cousin "why can't they do this for gta." My Aunt bought us both gta3 for Xmas that year and then everyone in the family thought we were homicidal maniacs when we put it on at my grandmas family event. Good times

  3. It is quite a shame with how this Trilogy turned out. GTA 3 and VC were the first GTAs I played and I played SA later on and loved all 3. Hopefully this gets sorted over time and these versions can get the love they truly deserve. They can do better

  4. Looking at this video made me realize how wonky these games were and how it’s tricky to say what to fix or not in a remaster: like the dumb as bricks AI, especially when driving. It just wouldn’t be classic GTA without the AI causing mayhem and pile-ups in traffic from sheer incompetence (especially in San Andreas).

  5. Rockstar has already been rubbing me the wrong way with the constant re-releases of GTAV and the monetization of Online, but seeing how this trilogy got released was the last nail in the coffin. The quality game developer we once knew is gone. Take Two has ruined it. Everyone important is gone. It's over.

  6. From the perspective of someone that had these games as a big part of their childhood and not playing them since they first come out, these definitive editions are more than good enough to get the nostalgia going, I love them!

  7. A lot of those ai problems are not in the original SA game. AI cars were much more predictable… and didn't go all beserk like that. The Las Vegas part suxs, anyways… just made the game longer, with no real narrative

  8. as someone who grew up on the originals, i just wanna say that twin npcs was very common back then also, and im glad it still happens because the closer to the original the better

  9. Written: January 13, 2021
    I’m waiting until GTA DE comes to mobile since it’s basically using an UE4 updated mobile framework. That’s why it isn’t that good on console since it’s not designed for consoles

    DE was made to literally resemble the old GTAs for nostalgia purposes with just slight updated textures and newer GTA 5 mechanics like the weapon/radio wheels for an overall HD feel. Any imperfections in those older GTAs like the weird movement/animations of NPCs in world will be highlighted using the more realistic UE4. The only thing DE did was remove the hazy fog of the originals to make everything more noticeable that the originals hid for technical reasons…

    Weather those examples are a compelling reason to like or dislike DE is purely on a emotional level for that particular gamer… but just as this GameSpot guy said” DE still has its unique charms and atmospheres for all 3 games” so really looking back, nothing was truly lost from its old iteration if you can look past of more cartoonish aesthetics and lack of hazinesses of DE…

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