How Games Get Shotguns Wrong – Loadout

From DOOM’s iconic Super Shotgun through to Gears of War’s Gnasher, the shotgun is one of the most popular and versatile weapons in video games – a trusty firearm that packs a devastating punch, particularly in close encounters. But the…

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  2. in battlefield one, the model 10A hunter had a very long range before it was nerfed. you could one shot people from insane distances

  3. Shotguns have to hawve video game logic applied, because IRL a shotgun would be the only gun anyone used in call of duty sized maps, and AR would be the only platform for anything larger.

  4. Gotta love how he says something and stops talking for the video to show that thing but it doesnt show the thing. Like referencing gibbing in Doom 2 and then showing zombiemen NOT getting gibbed

  5. One of the only games I have played where a shotgun has long range is entry point, without a laser site and while hip firing, I can accurately get headshots at ~20m.

  6. Escape from Tarkov gets shotguns incredibly right. Being firearms that, in any stage of the game, continue to devastate your enemies at ranges up to 100m with buckshot or flechette and farther with slugs.

  7. Which games do you think have the most satisfying shotguns ?
    I'd say TF2 and R6 Siege.
    Siege's shotguns feel really meaty and reliable at mid ranges and TF2's scattergun with Scouts movement is such a feel-good dynamic. You jump around, shoot for 30dmg mid range and jump up to 90-102dmg at short-medium range.

  8. Nah, games get it more right than wrong.

    All the shotguns they showed only working at extremely close range were sawed off.

    Sawed off means 2 things. 1- much wider spread, the statistical likeliness of you getting hit follows an inverse square law over distance.

    2- wayyyy less muzzle velocities, meaning the power of the gun will be drastically reduced,

    a sawn of shot gun is only good at close range (30 meters Id say)

    Shotguns have no rifling, which means the shots are more affected by aerodynamic effects and loose accuracy much faster over distances.

    Realistically, in real life, nobody uses shotguns for shooting things more than 50 meters away, and even that’s a pretty long shot.

    They’d usually be shooting ducks at that range, and they’d usually miss 9/10 times.

    And even with hits, at 50 meters ducks will almost always be alive, but unable to fly

    The reality is, shotguns are for quickly blasting roughly 10 projectiles in a generally direction of a range of up to 50 meters, more like 30, and hoping it wounds an animal enough that you can get close enough to get a better shot.

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