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How Deathloop Works: Breaking Down Arkane's Brilliant Game Design

In this video essay, Alex Van Aken breaks down the game design of Deathloop and how the game’s level design and time of day system work together to create an amazing immersive sim game.

Like the best immersive sims, Deathloop encourages you to…

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  1. I’m really happy that finally Arkane get an award that actually reflect their talents with “best game direction”; since the realease i’m still enjoying Deathloop a lot just like the Dishonored and Prey first; i really hope that Microsoft treat them with respect and give them the budget and tool required for creating the type of game they really excel, and maybe one day, Dishonored 3 may finally see the light.

  2. The only thing that I think would enrich the game was if you could make different combinations of ways to kill everyone at the same time. The game could allow you to influence where the characters will go depending on certain actions you do (it has this but it is limited to one way), and I think there should be a visionary on every place every day time, so it makes the player think more of the best way to kill them all at once. Of course this would complicate a lot, the devs would have to take way more time to develop different threads, etc. This game is awesome and breaks narrative conventions.

  3. I liked Deathloop but I was a bit disappointed with its linearity in solving the Loop. Secondly, the art style isn't my kind of taste. Still a fun game but can't say I'll be doing a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc playthrough like I did in the Dishonored games and Prey.

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