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Horizon Forbidden West Impressions: Crafting, The Open World, And More

Join us on this excerpt from The Game Informer Show, where we discuss our preview impressions of Horizon Forbidden West and dive into the game’s crafting, open world, and so much more!

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  1. As long as we get way more machines and more then 2
    boss like machines this game will be an absolutely challenging yet amazing game experience! Can't wait!!!!!!!
    (Hope it still runs amazing on ps4 pro)!

  2. It's been a long time ago that i have been wanting to buy a game really bad. Can't wait to play Forbidden West. But first i have to play the Frozen Wilds. The best thing about this game is the lore in my opinion. That's what made me love to play Horizon Zero Dawn. And i started to play 2 weeks ago for the first time. I just finished the game and got the platinum trophy! The most suprising thing i discovered about the game is that the game makers are Dutch. And i'm Dutch too. So I'm really proud that they made such an incredible game with an amazing lore ❤️

  3. 1. Are Buildings now enterable (and I mean actually enterable in form of an interaction with the door)?
    2. Is the world more explorable and did they move away from the checklist-gameplay leaning more towards Aloys abilities as a tracker?
    3. Did they expand on climbing?
    4. AAAAND one of the most important for me personally: Did they improve on the menu screen!? I know this probably wasn't a bummer for a lot of players about the old game but imho they should've used Aloys "Blutooth"-device to kinda "spread out" a more immersive menue screen! That would've been dope!

  4. The fact that the first game had self made quests for parts just goes to show how they needed to improve on things. I knew it was a thing early on playing the first one but i just never needed to use it. Maybe thats because i play all games on normal first playthrough and if its good enough for a second ill up the difficulty. Still the first game did have that feature. Makes me question if these people actually played it.

  5. My one major gripe with the gameplay I didnt like about HZD is the weapons with set ammo. Why is Aloy carring 3 bows/2 slings. I think the game would have been better if there was more of an ammo customization. You pick which ammo you want on your wheel, and Aloy uses the correct weapon to use that ammo when it is selected.

    Cause honestly I never used the Hunter Arrows after getting the shadow hunter bow, cause hardpoint arrows where just better.

  6. You know that scene in Endgame where all the female characters fly in and (basically silently Single Ladies by Beyonce plays in the background) that was pretty how it felt like playing Horizon. It was so obnoxious how every character that wasn't Aloy was basically Charlie Chaplin slipping on a banana peel. Erend was a character from a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

  7. You people need to work on your speaking. Every other word is a "like" or "uhhhh". Takes forever to get a point across. This video would have been half as long if you more conscious of what you are trying to convey.

  8. When he said he hadn't played the DLC until more recently, I knew this guy isn't a true Horizon geek. He may be played through one time on normal level. A true lover has played through at least a half dozen times on Ultra Hard on multiple platforms, PC and PS. This guy is a light weight.

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