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Horizon Forbidden West Cover Reveal And Editor Top 10 Lists | GI Show

Happy holidays from The Game Informer Show! We’re bringing the holiday cheer and taking a deep dive into everything we learned about Horizon Forbidden West as part of our latest cover trip. After that, we bring on a huge rotating crew of GI…

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  1. Amazing show guys not finished yet but was wondering, would you say the crafting and ability to create quests for gear in Forbidden West is somewhat Monster Hunter World 'esque???

  2. I listened to the full episode now and I gotta say it again, bring on more Blake! Well I'm not a 100% agreeing with his oppinions, but it feels like he's the most sane among you guys right now. He's real, straight forward, not putting on some mask to appeal to anyone. Blake and Marcus are the 2 best addition to GI since the big lay-offs of 2019.

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