History Of Halo

Halo is the franchise that helped define modern first-person shooters on consoles. With the release of Halo Infinite, let’s look back at its history: from Halo: Combat Evolved and the Bungie years, spin-offs like Halo Wars, and the passing of the…

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  1. One thing I love about halo is the fact the soundtrack changes, but the main CE theme stays with modifications, example Halo CE it was a smooth opera, Halo 2 it was a hard rock version also my favorite, Halo 3 it had a mix of both, and we never saw it again until Halo infinite

  2. My man Marty had only 3 days to score the games cutscenes? That's amazing, when considering how almost every track is iconic. The man is a straight up legend.

  3. My favourite Halo is Reach. It was just so beautiful, the gameplay was tight and the ensemble cast made the story interesting. The absolute worst was Halo 4.

  4. Kinda sad how you mention Forge yet nothing about Custom Edition which came out much earlier and is far more advanced, but I like how you included the lesser known mobile titles.

  5. Halo has always been my favourite game of all time, I’m 18 so I haven’t played since the start but that doesn’t make me any less of a fan than anyone else, my favourite halo was reach for sure, I’m so excited for infinite in a couple days, I have non stop played MCC ever since they added reach to it

  6. HALO:ODST shows the the staggering view points between developers & corporate. The dev wanted it to be $30 while corporate wanted it to be $60. One saw profit/ Greed the other saw user experience/ profit. At $30 more users would have pick up the game and it fame would spread to new users. While $60 feed off of its current popularity and exclude new players from the experience.

  7. I've played Halo games before but never owned one. But I've always loved the lore and aesthetic. I also like the community and the gameplay; the community don't seem to demand change when it comes to gameplay, so the gameplay feels classic but usable not antiquated. I like that the game and the community have stayed true to themselves whilst embracing evolution.

    Huge love to the fans for sending pizza to 343, what a genuinely nice act, so refreshing compared to hearing about devs receiving death threats and abuse. Who doesn't love a slice of 'za?

    Looking for the right time to buy the MCC!

  8. I only played the Halo: Combat Evolved. Loved the game so much….. Never owned Xbox so haven't played others…. Might play as I am about to get a new PC, whatever Halo title will be on PC.

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