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Happy's Humble Burger Farm | Replay

Things are getting weird on Replay today as Reiner, Marcus, and Tack are playing Happy’s Humble Burger Farm and trying to figure out what is going on in this bizarre indie game!

Super Replay is back! Join us for our Little Hope Part 2…

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  1. This game.. its a absolute mess.. i wanted to enjoy it, but between the freezing in menus, the nearly nonexistent tutorials (requiring you to look up a walkthrough to figure stuff out or keep restarting over and over to you maybe find out how to do something) i haven't made it past the 2nd shift at the restaurant of the game.. its so poorly made sadly. Needs a lot of work to be playable

  2. Every SINGLE episode has audio issues at the beginning nowadays. Also, this is a brand new game, isn't Replay meant for "older" games? This should be New Gameplay Today.

  3. This replay can basically be summed up as
    Dan bakes one cookie at a time and stares at the oven
    "You don't have to stand in front of it go multi-task Dan"

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