Halo vs. Call of Duty vs. Battlefield … Who Won?

The three biggest multiplayer shooters of the year just took players on a wild ride of highs and lows. In this video, we’re looking at how huge expectations, buggy betas, changes to core gameplay both good and bad, and surprise launches defined…

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  1. Halo win by far margin, it’s a perfect sci fi shooter with perfect story, mixed with some horrors feels to it, and the wonderful bosses who are tough and emotional also and cannot be forgotten easily, for example Jega and escharum ?.

  2. These guys are a joke. The fact they barely criticized 2042 but made Halo sound like it was a dumpster fire says all there is to say about their journalism. Halo worked almost flawlessly at launch and really the only gripe was how slow the leveling up was, which was fixed almost instantly.

  3. These guys are FAR too positive about three games that released with major issues. Halo gameplay was a million times better of course, but he just skipped over how serious all the progression, playlist and microtransaction issues are.

  4. After playing the 10 hour trial for BF 2042, owning CoD Vanguard and playing Halo Infinite on Game Pass while having beaten and played the campaign twice and the MP Beta, Halo is the clear winner of 2021.

  5. The progression system at the moment kinda turns me off from halo. which COD actually does very well – even if you neglect the battle pass. But I can agree that the moment to moment gameplay in halo can be more fun and gamey/ accessible. COD is definitely more competitive tho. overall I've spent more time in COD but i only recently picked up a Series S. Looking forward to playing more of both though! great time for shooters

  6. HALO easily. The other two get exposed after you play HALO for any period of time. I used to play COD and Battlefield a lot but once you settle into Halo’s controls and gameplay there is no going back. Just my opinion.

  7. I feel like they're trying so hard to be somewhat positive about Battlefield to avoid upsetting EA, or taking a stance in general. The game is bad, I love battlefield, but I love it enough to call it what it is. I wish that they'd actually critique the games, and talk about their flaws instead of this "well I can see how people EXPECTED something else" phrasing. It really gives off the impression that they're trying really hard not to take a side… in a video they made about which shooter was the best this year.

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