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Halo Infinite Review – The Best Halo Game In Years

It all leads to this. Halo Infinite is finally here but is it worth playing? Join GI for our official review of Master Chief’s latest adventure as we tell you why the latest entry in this legendary series is a standout. SPOILERS FOR THE VERY…

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  1. Glad it got such a good review but the point of "judging the game before you, not the features you wish might be there" feels like a bad stance.
    Halo Infinite should lose points for not releasing with staple additions of the franchise. No forge, no co-op campaign, crippled customization, no campaign mission select, limited weapon sandbox, glitchy theatre, etc. Games should be judged not only on what they have, but what is expected to have based on prior instalments, otherwise you're ignoring important pieces of the overall picture.

  2. Really You Think Halo Infinite is good and Next Gen Battlefield 2042 with all of its problems and bugs is literally better and more detailed than Halo Snoozefest okay.
    How Does It Feel Xbot Halo Fanboys to be apart of the losers club imagine thinking that the lazy millennial devs at 343 have hit that home run with Halo Infinite
    When quite clearly when you look that interestest data straight from google believe me its not great failure infinite a fitting title for the game.
    It's so incredibly sad how the original halo combat evolved 20 years ago with Bungie Software is more detailed than Failure Infinite with 343 industries
    PS3 Graphics Disappearing Pop in Grass Bad Lighting Ambient Occlusion And Bad Shadow Cascades Shadow Missing From Trees Bad Lighting Graphics In General Bad SSR Reflections
    Bad Physics Bad Water Graphics Halo 3 with Bungie looks more next gen than Failure Infinite with 343 10 hours campaign with cliff hanger bad ending boring multiplayer NO 🧠 AI🤭
    Only 1 biome in a open World Halo game. The Game Freezes for 5 seconds 0 FPS because of series x split memory Sloppy engineering it cant hold 120fps and 343 are incompetent
    No playable elites
    No dual welding
    No female spartans
    No progression system
    No color customization
    No emblem customization
    No Falcon or Hornet
    No map voting
    No gamemode selection
    No forge
    No working theater
    No working custom games
    🗑️ UI
    Its T for teens
    No blood no gore
    No new vehicles
    No drones (bug enemy)
    No good maps
    Missing gamemodes
    Its a live service game
    🗑️ vehicle physics
    🗑️ warthog sound
    No OG guns like the magnum, shotgun, plasma rifle, spiker, brute shot and spartan laser
    1 step forward 343 steps back. 🤭but you don't care because you're like oh my god Rogue it's free on a subscription service thats one of the reasons the game is flopping,
    Free doesn't necessarily mean worthwhile Duh But you don't demand better From Xbox & microsoft and this is why you recieve third rate 🗑️ products with no spirit no taste and a half broken unfinished mess with half of the content missing But You Don't care you never had and believe me you never will because your simp 🧠 too busy going ahahahahaa

  3. I’m really hoping we get a lot more content in terms of weapons, enemies, environments and multiplayer modes along with maps. I’m loving it so far but it just isn’t enough content. I mean no other environments on the ring? Come on. Surely we’ll get new maps to explore after coop. I feel like this could look to games like Destiny 2 or even, dare I say it, Halo 5’s war-zone firefight for future content inspiration.

  4. This game feels like halo 1 married Halo 2, took some dna from halo 3, and a bit of gritty halo 4 story impact and emotional content and mashed it all together in a very fresh yet classic halo experience.

    I like the open world. You really feel like the last hope of these marines and you’re leading the charge building a foothold on this ring, because they join you and seem to get their morale skyrocketed just by chief’s presence. Also the humor and the quips the aliens say when they starch you is back in stlye

    I love this experience. I hope they shape this early access game into a solid fully featured game sooner than later. Halo used to ship with all the bells and whistles. Coop, split screen, splitscreen online, halo was known for having the ability to play any way you wanted it.

    The most important thing is they nailed the feeling, gameplay, physics, and the atmosphere. Got a great foundation. Snd I think that’s what brings a tear to all of us old halo fans’ eyes.

  5. Open world shooters have existed for decades. No one has any business claiming this is 'refreshing'. 343 has only proven that they know what Ubisoft and Bethesda and Gearbox are doing. Some of the wonderful process enhancements Halo's progeny have added over the years are missing, which means the franchises which it is mostly responsible for launching are now better. Things like being able to hold more than two guns. Informative maps, including moving minimaps with a decent readable compass. Weapon customization. Route to objective. Varied environments… They're large omissions in 2021. Co-op on launch day is also missing for some reason. This is something Borderlands 3 and Far Cry 5 had.

  6. Decent review but how can you not give them a lower score for not having co-op? It’s been a mainstay in the previous games. You literally say you can only review what you have not what you wish you had, that’s a terrible way to review. Imagine going to a fast food place and always getting burger, fries and a drink at the same cost. Then you order one day and they took away your fries but keep the price. How is that still a good meal?????? I just don’t understand that mentality when it comes to reviewing games.

  7. Is this a joke? This game ruined everything. Me as a true Halo veteran can confirm this. This is a bold empty game with nothing special to it. No guardians, no Prometheans, no req system, no other spartans, no arbiter, no lock just nothing. Only a simple small 1 day finish open world that is not online and a simple multiplayer. What a waste all those years. If 343 is not doing something about this, this game will bleed to death very fast.

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