Halo Infinite – Everything To Know

To prepare you for Halo Infinite, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about the campaign and the multiplayer. 

Halo Infinite is one of Microsoft’s biggest upcoming games, and while it missed its original release date as an Xbox Series…

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  1. you pronounced Esherem's name wrong. I probably spelled it wrong. lol Also Chief was not looking for "the weapon" on reach. it was components Halsey needed to create the weapon

  2. Ok have the beta so you will only be able to play team slayer if you want correct? Just asking at the moment you have to play a rotation of game modes.

  3. Release only four days away. Am not sure it's a good idea to watch many these videos. I have seen quite a bit of the campaign map from watching such like videos.

  4. So, Microsoft took the Street Fighter V approach. Microsofts obsession with microtransactions. Make it so much friggen work in gameplay to acquire cosmetic items that your frustrated and just buy digital items. Microsoft, dont your execs have enough money as is? They have private jets and probably two or three homes with a ton of money they dont even know what to buy with it except when they get bored and buy land just because they have the money. Buy a friggin town then and house those suffering in poverty that you picked their pockets clean from, then…..

    Typical Microsoft, theyve got bottomless pockets and still treat people like peasants, its a Nepoleonic syndrome, Revenge of the Nerds.

  5. I really had no issue playing as lock and I don’t really understand but it will be good to go back to the original. As every other Halo had you play as another character.

  6. Halo 5s forge was developed in house. Tom french who is leading the multiplayer in infinite lead the halo 5 forge development team. I think skybox did halo 2 anniversary and halo 4s forge. Not halo 5.

  7. Why does no one at GameSpot bother to learn name pronunciations before making a video? does no one prep you guys? half the time all you'd have to do is watch the footage you guys use a background!

  8. Halo fact: there are 19 Halo games. Three of those games have yet to be released. Those are Halo: Titan, Halo DS and Halo: Hagger. Two of those are yet to be finished. But they will be finished and released someday.

  9. The Flood is still out there. They're on a Covenant ship. No one is allowed to go there. The Flood could also still be on another Halo ring planet somewhere! So the Flood will return one day!

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