Halo Infinite Campaign Review

Halo Infinite transforms the series’ two-decade-old formula for the better, giving protagonist Master Chief more characterization and implementing an open world.

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  1. The game is a 9.0 for me everything was amazing… The problem is that it feels incomplete and the story was to short for being so good.
    So please next DLCs or what ever will come stop making it incomplete and so short! U guys have everything we need story wise… Don't fu k it up more pls?! Cause we all can agree everyone loved the game and story. But everyone also can agree it feelt incomplete and short…

  2. I thought it was good. I think they need to make a dlc with some more classic halo 1/2 weapons. Like plasma rifle, smg and one of the magnums at least for single player. I miss the classic shotgun, spiker, carbine and beam rifle too. I like the weapons they have though. Except the ravager and plasma pistol which are useless. 🙂 like the one video said the best way to use the ravager is to throw it off a cliff.hehe

  3. Just beat the campaign today but I am far from over playing more of it! 343 did a phenomenal job with it and it was worth the wait

  4. Open world developers don't know how to fill the world they created. So it ends up feeling like a big empty space with korok seeds hidden at the top of mountains

  5. I think 9/10 is a bit too generous. i'd say 7.5/10. I played on heroic. It hits the mark at times of my helmet shaped heart, but the entire mid-section of the story drags on. Too many repetitive moments where you place baby cortana into a kiosk and everything becomes an expositional monologue. There's nothing wrong with cinematics in halo, but the quality of their impactfulness steadily dips from the start to finish. Most of the narrative rides on you getting little tickles of hope that you will find cortana, and frankly overshadows any of my reasons to care about any of the other characters. The wannabe Atriox was completely overdramatic and obnoxious. Bosses are forgettable and undercooked (though blademaster was the most difficult). I feel like i couldn't get through a mission without 39 more monologues and heavy Brute breathing. Atriox himself was a character i was interested in….but they really dropped the ball on that. The cortana arc was interesting for a time but they kind of made that fizzle out too. Chief himself is a bit more vulnerable emotionally which doesn't always feel out of place- though it feels kind of forced from "the weapon" sometimes.

  6. The most superior Halo ever, been a crazy fan since the original xbox ! But Halo Infinite is something else u won’t be disappointed, easily 10 out of 10 !! Go and get the game at it’s full price don’t wait used copies 😉 it deserves every penny !

  7. The hub missions form Halo 5 were a cool concept just not executed in a great way. It’s great to see the concept of a hub fully implemented into a game

  8. Glad didn’t see this review before the game, I feel it would had kinda discouraged me since I had very low expectations from last year demo.

    Game turn out to be one of the best Halo games! For someone who continue to play the original trilogy for over a decade after the last game was released (halo3) it’s saying a lot about Halo infinite

  9. I dunno man…I love the grappleshot, but I still use the threat sensor and dropshield loads. It is only the thruster I don't find that much use for.

  10. Weird that they didn't bother to talk to about the wonderful presentation of the game, especially on Xbox Series X. The scale and detail of the world is truly impressive, I had several moments in the first hour of playing where I couldn't stop gazing at the texture and colors of Zeta Halo's architecture, contrasted with the organic look of nature. It immediately brought me back 20 years to my first run on Halo: CE and it's joyful mystery.

  11. I'm loving how we campaign real gamer players are loving Halo Infinite while the rest of the multiplayer community are only complaining about it lol ?

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