Halo Infinite Campaign | Launch Xbox One VS Xbox Series X Graphics & Loading Time Comparison

How does Halo Infinite stack up when comparing it on the weakest modern Xbox system (Xbox One), to the strongest (Series X)?

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  1. Halo still look amazing on my OG Xbox One. Repasted it a year or so ago and run whisper quiet. Game loads and runs faster if you're using a external USB 3 NVME too. It almost never drops frames. I do get that time of day weirdness as you mentioned.

    There looks to be almost no difference in cutscenes

  2. My One has lasted me since i got it roughly 6 years ago in highschool. Never bothered to upgrade as its never given me issues.. Still though – I didn't know I was missing out on so much extra detail

  3. It looks good enough. you guys cry to much about your 4K 240fps. who cares about the grass pop in.. just enjoy the game any way you can

  4. Can't believe they actually put it on the Xbox one. My Pc has a 2060 super set at 2880×1620 and minimum fps at 60 it never drops under 1080p. Played on an Xbox one yesterday and man it is horrible. Supposedly is just as good as the gtx 1050 but that card can run it at 60 fps with the dynamic resolution. Ive heard the Xbox one X performance made is pretty awesome though

  5. I'm very surprised and impressed with how mamy Base Xbox One players there are still.

    Microsoft really needs to institute a Loyalty program for Live users who've been with them since the beginning, thereby offering them a change at the latest console without the fuss.

  6. I don't see that the graphics engine that boasted so much 343 stands out. Well the only difference is the loading times but visually Halo 5 is better. I played infinite and I surprised how halo 5 looked.

  7. Dont look bad on 2013 xbox …however i think this is just a situation in which the graphics on series x are being severely held back by the xbone and thus making this comparison look like the old xbox is keeping up. Series x couldve looked much better

  8. Just doesn’t seem worth buying an Xbox series X for this game. I thought i was going to buy one but I’ll stick to my og xbox one for now since it plays this game really well considering it was outdated when it first came out!

  9. Honestly the biggest change for next gen is the frame rate increase and that goes for pretty much all next gen optimized games. The graphics are better but the true big change is the frame rate

  10. I have the old Xbox one x and it has major frame stutter during combat but other than that looks great on my 4K lg tv non oled

  11. I was playing it on the series x and it seems The camping was made for the Xbox one. Why I think that because the characters looked upscale as the scenery/background does not. Also when you did the side-by-side comparison in the beginning scene, the scenery/background really looked the same on the Xbox one and Xbox series X.

  12. Something I noticed with the xbox one version is that there's detail "drawn" on certain things like chief's armor. I also noticed that camera myopia effect (depth of field) is also removed in some cinematics.

  13. Honestly comparing these consoles is like comparing 720p to 1080p you can't tell the difference. Everyone is so hype about the new Xbox but like I see no difference graphics wise.

  14. In my opinion, the graphics are literally only like 5-10% better. If I were to buy the new Xbox for the graphics alone I would never ever do it. But for loading speeds and everything else it does seem slightly worth it. Overall though I’m so happy with my Xbox one and probably won’t upgrade anytime soon.

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