GTA Online: The Contract Trailer Featuring Franklin & Dr. Dre

Check out the all new Grand Theft Auto Online trailer for the upcoming expansion called The Contract which is coming December 15th. This update brings the launch of the “GTA Online Story” featuring characters from GTA V as well as Dr. Dre.

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  1. im really curious on how many dislikes this video got lmao..i wonder if people are happy abt the dlc or just saying stuff about rockstar ignoring what the fans really want…im in happy side tho

  2. So this is why the character's animation for the previous DLC's looked bad. These characters Lamar Dre and Franklin look amazing. They really took their time with this one I think.

  3. I stopped caring about gta about 2 years ago. Honestly…im likin the vibe of this. Im not gonna play tho cuz the grind is insane , but good luck to those that play

  4. Can someone help me in solving this mystery what SUV is that next to the jubilee in the trailer the DLC has released and I know all the SUV’s but I still can’t figure out what SUV that is plz & thx

  5. It's in the drivers maybe. If we can add a mini-computer on both sides we can make them Raspberry 3.# the hashtag is now Pi by the way. Just thought I would tell you.

  6. Rockstar made shark cards a bit unneeded now. You can repeat the contract story unlimited times and make 1.1 million every time

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