GameSpot's Top 10 Games Of 2021

2021 has come to a close and the GameSpot Staff is celebrating by talking about their 10 favorite games of the year.

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  1. I've never seen someone talk about Hitman 3 like that lol. I haven't played it so I can't agree or disagree but most people I've heard talk about the game mostly go "it's ok, just another decent hitman game, much like the previous 2". This video made it sound like a revolutionary title lol.

  2. Death loop was put in Matty plays number 1 most disappointing game of 2021. Go check his reasons, I haven't played it yet so will reserve judgement but interesting how the game is on polar opposites between channels.

  3. i didn't like RE 8 nearly as much as i was hoping to its puzzles are TOO EASY, and it wasn't at all scary. on normal difficulty it isn't even mildly difficult

  4. This list is vastly different to the one we uploaded. Don't think we lined up on a single pick!!!! Cant believe with the year we had that so many good games came out. Check out the channel.

  5. I will NEVER trust "Professional" reviewers anymore. I trust player reviews much more…Deathloop is an ok game at best….NOT game of the year in most player's book….we all know why it got game of the year, it is REALLY obvious…and for them to give it a 10 out of 10 grade is ridiculous….it makes reviewers look even more shady than they already are….It takes two was game of the year, by a mile!

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