Fortnite Chapter 3 Flipped Season Opening Cinematic

Fortnite’s Chapter 3 is finally upon us. Find out what happened after you drifted a shore and what you’ll need to do to help destroy the Imagined Order.


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  1. Last time I played Fortnite was chapter 2 season 3 because when chapter 2 season 4 came out they took it off the App Store and I couldn’t ever play Fortnite

  2. If the island is basically a boat, then the air is probably in between the 2 islands, where the zero point is…meaning if that enormous air bubble popped…would the island take on water and eventually sink?
    What if an event during this chapter or maybe a different chapter is where the map sinks? And we are taken to another map

  3. my main skin is sasuke and it was pretty dope to see him planning to overtrow the goverment with a team like in the anime

  4. They put the truth in plain sight all the time. We have video of the firmament and they somehow include this in their animation as well as the fountains of the deep. The world is immovable just like the Word says. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. So y’all can understand the fortnite world but you can’t comprehend that our world is similar? Our world is flat like the fortnite map💀

  6. So I just downloaded the game a few hours ago, and only wanted to change a few settings while on that island. I had to close the game and restart it so that my new settings would be applied, and for some reason, it SKIPPED the tutorial!! Must I uninstall the game and re-install it, or delete my own account and recreate one, just to replay the tutorial? I just wanna get used to the controls (only using keyboard, don't have a controller yet), and not accidentally skip a tutorial. How infuriating would you be if the first day you wanna learn how to drive, you're stuck at the wheel of a Formula 1 on the Monaco GP?

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