Fortnite Chapter 2 Every In Game Story Event Gameplay

Fortnite Chapter 2 had 5 major in game story events including: Device, Devourer of Worlds, Zero Crisis Finale, Operation Sky Fire, and The End. With Fortnite Chapter 2 coming to an end relive all these moments one more time.

0:00 Device…

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  1. Whoever typed this title for your video needs to go back to school.
    "Fortnite Chapter 2 Every In Game Story Event Gameplay"
    This makes no sense and it needs comma's. lol

  2. I think it really goes to show the level of talent that The Rock has that he could voice The Foundation this whole time and none of us know for sure that it was him, but looking back you can totally hear him through the vocal distortions

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  4. Storyline characters that have a part in these events
    The device – Midas + Jules
    The devour er of worlds – iron man + Wolverine + Thor + Galactus
    Zero crisis – Agent Jones + The Foundation
    Operation: sky fire – Doctor Slone + Trespasser
    The End – The cube queen + the foundation + doctor slone + agent jones

  5. if midas didn’t stopped us galactus didn’t stopped us zero point didn’t stopped us the ufo’s didn’t stop us and the cube queen didn’t stopped us….. then what can stop us now? ?

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