Forspoken Trailer | Game Awards 2021

Forspoken, from developer Luminous Productions and publisher Square Enix, got an all new trailer showcasing its story, dark fantasy, skateboarding on water, and magical monsters.

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  1. Graphics look great, story and MC look great, ranged combat, movement abilities, enemy design, all look great.

    I'm really concerned about the small bits of melee combat we've seen vs. humanoids, it looks kinda sloppy and overly simple like Horizons:ZD, another fantastic game in every way except mediocre melee combat vs. humans. I'm not asking for Dark Souls, Spider Man or AC games, but I really hope they don't drop the ball on this one essential element like the trailers make me afraid they might have.

  2. Wow, I was thinking it looked so cheap based on the poor lip syncing animations, and then suddenly the gameplay kicks in and it looks amazing.

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