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Forspoken, Sifu, And Game Of The Year 2021 | GI Show

What’s a Thursday without another exciting episode of The Game Informer Show? We’re back to our regular scheduled release and today we’re diving into our impressions of Forspoken, Sifu, and our Game of the Year pick for 2021. That’s not all…

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  1. You know, I don't know what my GOTY is this year. I feel like the drumbeat of this year was so rightly aimed towards abusive practices within the industry that the games were overshadowed, and that it was a weak batch of games anyway than in years past. The choice of Halo surprises me but I'm interested to listen as to why GI loves it.

  2. My fav game I played this year is Red Dead Online, I played a ton of that back in spring with some friends and had a blast.

    Diablo II Resurrected is a close second I think. I also loved Subnautica Below Zero, Borderlands 3, Terraria, Monster Train,

  3. Ever since 2012 i've followed your guys' magazine but it never crossed my mind i should also follow your youtube channel… now i am because i love hearing these beautiful voices.

  4. Is it because no huge Sony exclusive was released this year that Halo won? Halo is fine but I think it's the weakest Halo MP imo. Maybe 4 was worse, but I think I like Infinites MP less than any other Halo, and I've played lots of each. I have about 20-30 hours in Infinites MP and it has some serious issues imo. It is fun tho.

  5. I understand I might be the best person to judge the whole nail polish thing in Forespoken but I think it looks really cool and unique especially since it makes sense in a way for a magic user to have insignias on there fingers affect their spells. Personally really excited to play this and see this character develop!

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