Forspoken – Beautiful World, Seemingly Nowhere To Go

Jordan talks about his hands-off preview of Forspoken, giving early impressions on the game’s world, main character and story based off what he saw. Forspoken will release for PS5 and PC on May 24, 2022.

In Forspoken, you play as Frey Holland, a…

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  1. Gamespot should be absolutely ashamed of this review and the person behind the screen thinking that this was a valid review. This is just another level of idiotic critique

  2. So this guy has never played a RPG before. Literally has no idea what he’s talking about and this coming from a POC!!!

  3. Actors act, writers write. This game could be good but this review was not great.

    Everyone has said it in the comments. Review the game not the race of the people involved in it.

  4. World seems pretty empty except for enemies to fight. There's one hub area that you return to. hmm…Sounds like a lot of popular games in the Demon Souls/Bloodborne vein. If it worked ok for those, it'll probably be fine for these and I'm sure there will be a few rando NPCs out in the wild just like in those games.

  5. Personally I think this game is a waste of time. Should have appointed more resources to FFXVI. Also, she only uses spells? In close combat, it doesn't look like it helps much. She has to distance herself first and then throw magic……ookaaaay.

  6. You wanna know why racism is still a problem? This is an 8 minute video. The reviewer spent all of 40 seconds talking about racial representation in writing and somehow that's what the bulk of the comments are about.

    Anytime PoC (in this case the focus is on black people) speak about their own concerns regarding race, there's a cadre of "individuals" hellbent on minimizing and mocking it. You are the problem. Not this guy.

  7. Bahahahahahahhahahaha, this whole video just talks about the skin color and gender of the main character. Literally there is hardly anything about the game that is out yet.

    Didn't comment once on the UI.

    Seriously, seeing too much of games being criticized because there is a POC character and more if they are a woman.

    Everything being said here is the same they said about Horizon Zero Dawn

  8. I am a Black 30 year old man and I honestly want to know…. Why the F*** are you spending so much time (or any time really) on her being a black woman? Who cares? Is the game fire or not?

  9. Wo this was crazy racist ? we live in such a backwards world. “I’m worried about the lack of color in the writing room.” What does race have to do with the ability to write?

  10. Forespoken Preview : let me tell you about the skin color of people who wrote this game.

    Better yet, if you are not a person of color then don't watch this video or play this game. GameSpot 2022 logic.

  11. I'm a black guy, so I can identify partially with this protagonist. My issue isn't then because its a woman (and definitely not race), but that for some reason, her race and gender is the focal point for this review, and if what he says is true, the game itself. I LOVE being represented, but I don't inherently care about that in the game, especially over a good story, gameplay and graphics. I DON'T TRY TO ESCAPE REALITY TO BE THROWN BACK INTO IT!

  12. This is a really bad preview! Half of the preview is about how black colored writers are not part of the writing team. Seriously? Do you think all the good black film leads are written by black writers?

  13. Sounds like they can't even win for playing up the diversity points with you. If the core yay diversity audience isn't buying it, and they're shifting focus away from the traditional audience (as pointed out by the studio's emphasis on primarily female characters and experiences), who are they hoping to sell this to?

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