Firearms Expert’s FAVORITE Weapons Of 2021

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down some of his favorite weapons from the past year, including the rare Viper Mark 1, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam’s AK, and a handful of weapons…

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  1. I like that apart from a few weapons, all of these come from the games who are more tactical than your standard fps. It really shows the thought and care they take in creating their armaments.

  2. "This is probably the most detailed AK model i have ever seen"

    I think he needs to get his eyes checked or either he didn't see MW19 or Insurgency Sandstorm, or Tarkov

  3. I swear to god, If gamespot straight up Steals the concept of AHOY's "Iconic Arms" series I'm going to be VERY disapointed and angry!
    Innovate on that Gold, DO NOT just copy him.

  4. I am subbing to GameSpot specifically for Jonathan. What a cool, witty, intelligent man. I never knew (really until I played Tarkov and came across these videos) that I'd be a gun nerd, and between Jonathan and Forgotten Weapons I am utterly fascinated. So please, keep going, and if there's any chance someone could pass on to Jonathan that he's the grooviest gun expert that'd be fantastic. Love your work <3

  5. It's a crying shame he's only done two videos on Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades. He could make an entire series on its gun collection and simulation.

  6. Would I be correct in saying the AK you showed from Rising Storm 2: Vietnam looked like a Chinese Type 56, because the front sight was completely covered, rather than the traditional AK being open?

  7. Can you please do Ghost Recon: Breakpoint now that the game has been massively overhauled and is basically like a new game? The game has one of the best and largest, comprehensive lists on modern weapons out of any game.

  8. Another great video! I wish you would go back to Hunt: Showdown and focus on the PvP action and some of the less gimmicky weapons, as they leave you with quite a different impression of the game. The new additions of the Vetterli variants, the Berthier, and the Scotfield might also be cool for Jonathan to check out, not to mention that his comment on the Sparks (The Sharps rifle equivalent) actually lead to the developers changing the reload and cocking animation. 🙂

  9. Really wish I had given my free standard edition copy of EFt to Jonathan…Someone get this man a copy please, imagine the vids….!

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