Firearms Expert Reacts To Halo Franchise Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the weaponry of the Halo franchise, including the iconic Assault Rifle, the BR55 Battle Rifle, and of course, the Covenant Needler.

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  1. Ok, ouch on hearing the ODSTs do NOT have augs.
    They may not be obvious, but most UNSC infantry have neural uplinks, commanders especially. It's how UNSC personnel identify friend from foe.
    ODSTs all have them for *consistent comms & location monitoring, as well as a few biotic enhancements, though nowhere near as extensive as Spartans.

  2. Can you please do Ghost Recon: Breakpoint now that the game has been massively overhauled and is basically like a new game? The game has one of the best and largest, comprehensive lists on modern weapons out of any game.

  3. Fun fact- not even lore knows how the NEEDLER works.
    So… mr. Ferguson- it's not that bad to not know how this purple hedghog gun works, because even lore doesn't know

  4. In Halo Wars you can get a good look at the plasma rifle in the hand of the sangheili. It gives you a good look at the ergonomics of the rifle and how it pertains to the culture of the elites.

    In the hands of the sangheili, it is an elegant weapon, that's more of an extension of the arm then it is an actual gun. It's like a katar that fires projectiles. An accurate automatic machine pistol with a wrist brace

  5. You know what? Jonathan should totally get a cameo or role in a game where he plays an armorer or arms dealer that's based on him.

  6. The battle rifle uses an experimental propellant that provides more pressure and allows similar velocity with a higher diameter projectile. It was also the first weapon that drew covenant blood that humanity used.

  7. Waitr people have thought the CE Halo AR is like an F2000 as a person who LITERALLY played Halo since I was 4 with my dad and still plays Halo CE campaign regularly, not 1 time did I think that.

  8. Allow me to correct him on the Brute Shot. It's not a "portable cannon". When it debuted in Halo 2, it was the franchise's answer to the Grenade Launcher.

  9. The ODST's that you play from Halo 3: ODST are actual augmented. They are the orion project aka Spartan I's where as the master cheif who you play in the other games is a Spartan II

  10. I would love to hear his thoughts on the Spider The Video Game Mini Weapons especially the Machine Gun limb which has some laser gun that's part of the section of the Spider Limb, picture your elbow with a band that has a gun at the end, that's what the limb is.

  11. "You need a warrior culture that is always wanting the ability to hit people in the face with knives" to justify two bayonets.

    [The US Marines enter chat]

  12. So, I appreciate the vid, but… you have to remember how large Spartans are. Their suit weight is like 1000 ponds alone so of course the weapon recoil is less than what the gun would seem simply because they are so large and powerful. Them shooting a 9mm is like a human shooting a bb gunt

  13. The M6C Magnum from Halo:CE is not a small gun, look at a marine holding it, your player model is a 7 foot tall walking tank with gauntleted hands, that think fires 12.7x40mm bullets, not 9x19mm. The bulbous thing at the top is a scope with a camera, which allows Spartans and ODSTs to see use it with a scope, it has a 100m range thanks to it's huge, heavy projecile.

  14. In the lore and books the common ammo makes sense with some thought. All the countries of earth finally banned together to fight the common foe, and form the UNSC(united nations space command) so just like all military’s, interchangeable parts and ammunition are a must. As far as things not being futuristic, like still using old lead bullets, up until the Covenant attacked it was humans on humans and if it ain’t broke, don’t reinvent the wheel(is that how it goes?)

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