Firearms Expert Breaks Down Different Types Of Shotguns – Loadout Extended Chat

Gaming shotguns come in many shapes and sizes, from the archetypal Remington 870 seen in the likes of Resident Evil and Battlefield 2042, to the sci-fi styled SPAS-12 that inspired Aliens’ iconic Pulse Rifle. Whether they’re packing double…

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  1. Interestingly H3vr is one of the only games to get the low pressure shell detail right! Means that the SPAS actually has its function for firing shells that aren't full power.

  2. It's interesting, with the Striker, to see a case where the devs might know more about the weapon than Jonathan.

    I'm not that well versed with the gun myself, bit it appears the game's method of loading a shell, cranking the mechanism once, loading another shell, etc., would be significantly safer than cranking it all the way and loading with trigger pulls in between.

    I'd be scared to death that the second trigger pull would actually fire a round.

  3. There's a gun I really want to see on the show, a Russian bullpup called the Groza! It's featured in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series and I just think its such a cool weapon. Would really love to hear what Jonathan has to say about it.

  4. The greatest moment for the USAS-12 was when Terry Crews used it to make people into meat chunks at the end of Expendables. Also the only good bit in the film.

  5. Shotguns in video games are horrible almost completely pointless since the game makers reduce its power to point blank if your lucky

  6. People are such cry babies when it comes to shotguns in FPS games. They don’t know the real life damage they do. You don’t want to know. Seriously.
    To say they least, they are a “1 shot” weapon.

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