Final Fantasy XIV Suspending Sales | GameSpot News

In this episode of GameSpot News, FFXIV Sales are suspended due to server congestion, New World’s Winter Convergence Event goes live and a free access weekend starts for Call of Duty: Vanguard’s multiplayer. 

In this video, DeVante talks…

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  1. I bought the game, and can only log on at 1 am. It makes sense why they're suspending sales. However, they should be investing in server infrastructure tbh.

  2. I play off and on, getting to lvl cap and finishing the MSQ. I bought Endwalker and it was always some sorta long que. My gf timed it once at just over 30 minutes. I work 10 hours a day 5 days a week.

  3. The chip crisis hits gaming in a new way…my conspiracy brain says it's time to bury your MMO competition by starving them of hardware…wow..what a new world we live in…

  4. Guess with how many wow players migrated to FF14, Square wasn't prepared for just how massive the flood of players would be for the new expansion.

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