Evil West Gameplay Trailer | Game Awards 2021

Evil West is a gory 3rd person action combat game coming in 2022 revealed during the Game Awards 2021 Livestream!

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  1. This game reminds me of a Vampire Novel that I am currently writing. I came up with an idea about a story of Vampire Hunters that hunt Vampires with guns and science fiction technology and is set in a wild western frontier in the far-off post-apocalyptic future. And when I saw the teaser trailer and read what this game is about I thought to myself. Oh no, somebody beat me to it. Then I hear the tongue-in-cheek dialogue and see it's an action story rather than a horror story I find it's not that much in common with the story that I am currently writing. Since what I am writing is a horror story and this game seems a bit more on the light side.

  2. There is a song called beat the devil tattoo.

    What if they combine red dead with characters like evil west and whale new characters including hunter in dark tower .

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