ELDEN RING Official 4K Trailer

Watch the Elden Ring Official Story Trailer in 4K which was aired during The Game Awards.

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  1. I'm not usually one for hyperbole, but knowing DS is now my second favourite series behind Zelda, and that this has clearly taken its open world design from the BOTW sandbox school-of-thought, as opposed to the Western, AAA school of tedious side-quest thought….
    This could become my favourite game of all time. And that is hype that is just unmatchable.

  2. I really hope they don't do what everyone else has done this year's and mess up everything 🤣😂😂. Replaying all the souls and sekiro just to get ready get them thumbs ready people and buy a new controller just in case the game starts to play you …. Good luck everyone that's pre ordered or is buying and look forward to playing with you all at some stage

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