Dying Light 2 Stay Human New 4K Gameplay

Check out new Dying Light 2 Stay Human Gameplay from the quest for A Place To Call Home. Get a glimpse of this full gameplay walkthrough.


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  1. at time stamp 2:542:57 Aden jumps from a flag pole and then in mid air jumps again? What is he jumping off? Does he have a "double jump" skill because it looked like he jumped off an invisible object floating in mid air or did a "double jump" move?

  2. Dying light 1 is amazing and i can't wait for dying light 2 because of great animation , story , graphic and gameplay and im pretty sure dying light 2 is masterpiece of 2022 or maybe game of the year 2022 ?

  3. Looking at the map I think it's not gonna be as fun as the 1st when you traverse the land and not see 30 or 50 zombies on the streets, but here's hoping that the night and day cycle for zombies is worth the change.

  4. Why are you guys so desperate to see last gen console gameplay, they should just release this game for next gen only thats what they did for dying light, i didnt see complaints for that, whats even more sad is you guy dont work hard enough for a pc or next gen ?

  5. I would never respect A game which don't respect GRAVITY. There has been so many ways to improve player experience while they chose the stupidest one.

  6. I’m sold I just saw this guy do a scorpion spear pull them jump on his head Bruce Lee style, I need this game, my favorite thing about dying light was the drop kicks or sliding into zombies and breaking they kneecaps

  7. Will we be able to play like this, without the enemy health bars and the position indicators? I'm not so annoyed health bars, but those radial enemy position indicators drive me nuts.

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