Diablo 4 Brand New Gameplay, Combat Improvements, Lighting, Weapon Buffs and More (Quarterly Update)

The latest Diablo IV quarterly update blog has just released jam pack with new information and also some brand new gameplay and videos to watch. Check out different character abilities, combat animation differences, lighting effects, buff…

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  1. I know it will take them a while but this is the most exited I've been for a game in a while, so far it looks great and I hope it releases in 2 to 3 years but no rush because the game looks wonderfull and has potential to be better than any of there previous games. In my opinion anyway.

  2. The druid looks like a overweight anime toon. But hopefully they dont make this game like D3 is all i know. Ive played D3 for like maybe 1 1/2 seasons. Just wasn't all that grand to me.

  3. Small details are really half-baked. Character models need more details, small map animations need more attention aswell. Map basically looks weird for me, at some points it feels like a canvas. Biggest thing i want is for the gear to look themed the same darkish way when you wear them.

  4. really want this to succeed, however it already looks "slow" and sluggish i hope that's just low level character appearance..
    But really, haven't seen anything here many indie developers solo develop in a few months and call it a prototype. was really expecting some .. well exceptional.

  5. d2r hydras look way better
    Edit: Also, was glad to see no floating combat text.. but then saw a 213,000 damage proc. Yeah, no. Not again. I think you need someone to advise you on how to build RPGs.

  6. Let's be completely honest, this looks like a childs game released in 2017. There is nothing DIABLO about this. This is WARCRAFT diablo 3 reskinned.BIG SAD,
    I Hope they get at least 1 right before im too old and die. Looking forward to Diablo 5 already…

  7. Is there more of lightning magic I would love for just one game to not do that stupidity of 1-700 damage lol and also some awesome animations. I am thinking of skipping 4 not impressed at all with that lightning spear.

  8. I still love the unique death animations from D2. Please bring it back ?. Its what defined retro top down hack and slash and they still look great today.

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