Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone – The Pacific Launch Trailer

Check out Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone’s The Pacific launch trailer. See the different locales you’ll visit and some of the action that takes place on the map.

#CallofDuty #ThePacific

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  1. Warzone and Verdansk helped me and my friends during the pandemic maintain our sanity. We are all SO READY to see what's next and this all looks pretty pretty… pretty good.

  2. warzone has helped me and my friends get more mad than we ever had in our life due to hackers. Can't wait to see the same hackers in this next map.

  3. i find it funny how they make the motorcycle sound aggressive in the trailer but in game it sounds like a 2 cylinder chainsaw all stock like deadass thatโ€™s the only vehicle in call of duty you can hear from the other side of the map

  4. So much space for a game that isnโ€™t even fun. Not to mention how the devs failed to put in anti cheat, or how they failed to properly balance weapons, or how many times they release updates within a month. Honestly this game isnโ€™t worth it. Beating a dead horse. Milking the money cow. How great

  5. I really dont like the map old map was good weapon sound was good let see after playing few months .according to me you should have aad this as a another map not by replacing verdansk its was so so good

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