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Bioshock, Final Fantasy 16, and More Predictions Ahead of The Game Awards 2021

Join us on this excerpt from The Game Informer Show, where we’re predicting what massive games will be announced during The Game Awards 2021, including Bioshock, Final Fantasy XVI, and so much more!

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  1. Avowed is a good call. 60 seconds of additional Starfield footage would be nice. Final Fantasy XIII Remaster Collection. I like 30 seconds of Mass Effect whatever. Dragon Age could be DNF at this point… Kojima is such an overrated joke, but he will certainly be there with something. Fable is another good call. Whatever Compulsion Games is working on for Microsoft, or maybe something from InXile. Some EA product within the EA Originals publishing camp. Half Life: Alyx console ports from Valve (with expanded content) would be epic. Ubisoft showing something of Immortals 2 would be cool. Banjo-Kazooie: Back From The Dead (lol). Whatever Blue Point Games is working on. Max Payne Remastered Trilogy. This is fun… 🙂

  2. Beyond Good and Evil 2 approaching 14 years since initial announcement. I think we can get to round twenty years when it is re announced for PS6.

  3. I'm pretty sure Dan's right about FFXVI – interviews have implied it's near completion (the chat between YoshiP and Sakaguchi at Tokyo Game Show pretty much confirmed it if I remember correctly), whereas FFVIIR Part 2 is still talked about in very vague terms. But I could be misremembering. We'll see! XD

  4. If FF16 isnt there they can go pound sand. This is exactly what gamers were saying they didn't want was a small slice of the game and then disappear for years. Not to mention the director said he didn't want to do that and now thats exactly whats happening. Also i think Elden Ring will have something there and maybe Horizon. Also i know people joke about these games that sit in development hell for years but its really just a pain for a company to put something out only to find out it will be years or maybe will never happen.

  5. I’m saying the big Nintendo announcement will be a new Donkey Kong game that’s open world sandboxy(think Mario Odyssey). You’ll be able to play as DK,Diddy,Dixie,Cranky and either a new Kong or a grown up Kiddy Kong. The Villain will return back to the Kremlings and my boy King K Rool. The big Xbox announcement will be the first in engine/gameplay of Senua’s Saga. And the big PlayStation reveal will be Resident Evil 4 remake and it being exclusive to PS5 for the first year.

  6. Oh hey, I remember you guys. I used to look forward to getting the magazine and then you guys became sjw sellouts. Thanks for pushing me to the right you guys. Best recruiters in the business.

  7. Kim is the spot on! Everything she said is exactly how it will play out. Kojima talking about the gaming industry. Some snippet of God of War.

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