Biggest Upcoming PC Games For 2022 and Beyond

As we come to the end of another year, let’s look ahead to 2022 (and beyond) with our list of 33 of the most anticipated PC titles.

00:25 – Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
00:57 – Ghostwire: Tokyo
01:20 – Overwatch 2
02:03 -…

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  1. I know that the title is "and beyond", but so far (I'm 12 titles in) half these games aren't even coming out in 2022 (and a good number aren't even 2023…). There's a ton of great and interesting looking games scheduled to actually come out this year that aren't on the list, so why focus on stuff that isn't even close to a release date instead of giving coverage to things actually coming out?

    Also actually laughed out loud about Blizzard being "polish it until its perfect" after WC3 Reforged.

  2. Why do people care about blizzard nobody cares about foxcom their employees literally jump out windows blizzard just makes you work an extra two hours not an extra two months

  3. one of the mas effect teasers got even removed since then, so the whole gam may once again have been scrapped to be redone from scratch so much that even the hints of a specific storyline had to be removed

  4. I'll take Crimson Desert, Beyond Good & Evil 2, The Elder Scrolls 6, Mass Effect 4 or 5 (depending on if Andromeda was considered 4), and Two Worlds 3 as my top 5. Everything else is just cherries on top.

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