Biggest Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games Of 2022 And Beyond

Here are all the games headed to Nintendo Switch that you need to know about.

The Nintendo Switch keeps building in strength, thanks to a library of great first-party games and strong third-party support. With the flexibility of playing while…

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  1. Kurt please do all of us a favor and leave the comedy to someone else. You know good and well Nintendo will never let their holy IPs be on any other console. Not funny.

  2. For some reason I'm really looking forward to Mario Rabbits ?. Got the first game on sell and been having a ball with it. It's great honestly, and I'm looking forward to the sequel

  3. I'm excited about of few upcoming nintendo switch game's. I think the switch has alot of good game's though. Some of nintendo's best exclusive's are on the switch in my opinion. I mean don't get me wrong all of there system's have great exclusive's but I'm just sayin there's alot of good exclusive's on the nintendo switch.

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