Biggest PlayStation Games Coming in 2022 and Beyond

2021 has certainly been an interesting year for PlayStation. While we’ve had some tremendous highs and extremely low lows, not to mention the continuing pandemic, it certainly can’t be denied that 2021 has been a unique first year for the…

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  1. Ghostwire Tokyo it's the only good exclusive and exciting game coming for Playstation and that game its from Xbox studio.. Everything else from Playstation it either Reboot, Remake or remaster games…???

  2. One game that wasn't mentioned that I am definitely interested in is Little Devil Inside. There is still a lot that I don't know about the upcoming game but what I have seen so far has me excited.

  3. The string instrument music starting at 4:30 on the God of War segment; What is it? I have heard that on other commercials and wondered if anyone knows what it is, thanks.

  4. derek your right we wont get it next yr unless we get a massive info drop like they did for e3 2019 for part 1 so i dont think we will get it til 2024

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