Best Nintendo Switch Exclusive Games of 2021

From Monster Hunter Rise to Metroid Dread, the Nintendo Switch had another great year filled with excellent exclusives.

The Nintendo Switch may have been the old guy in the room this year when compared to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but the…

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  1. Rise isn't a switch exclusive. I mean, if you're gonna play on the "it was an exclusive for a few month" thing, you could at least put MHR in the "honorable mention" section.

  2. I’m really hoping the switch 2 could run 1080p 60fps for all games And this might be a stretch but I’d be happy if some games not all obviously could do 4k 30fps. The reason I don’t buy alot of 3rd party on switch right now is because it’s just really low quality

  3. If you leave out the NA Market Nintendo has been having better years then Sony and Microsoft due to the gaming industry is more mobile than ever outside the NA Market. If you add in NA Market Sony has been killing it with PS4 and their studios but Microsoft has been killing it with Game Pass and their studios. Its sorta been like this since GamePass and Switch came out and because of that I believe the console war is over now. Its all about developers now and how the quality of their games stack against each other in each genre of gaming. It's an amazing time to be alive in gaming honestly.

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