Battlefield 2042 – Top 16 Things We Had To Test

Battlefield 2042 specialists aren’t very popular, but that doesn’t mean we can’t push them to the limit. In this video, we’re testing unexpected physics, seeing if even more things can pierce Dozer’s shield, learning Ranger is no good…

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  1. Can we just stop ? this game's not worth the time, it's a direspectfull dumbster fire, Battlefield has simply lost its identity, same as AC, Far Cry, Cod, though i'll never forget the memories and the good time i had with this franchise.

  2. I see a lot of comments saying that GameSpot is shilling for EA, I don't think this is true. Why would they make these types of videos in front of EA's face if they were?

  3. think armor piercing goes through shield if i remember right seems like people are having fun with the broken things i guess that's a plus…. never been able to shoot people out of hover craft glass only with the nts from my experience and i been known to shoot people out of choppers and so forth among vets that remember me and friends and of course the people who was on the blunt end since bf modern combat 2 on ps2

  4. They should release 2 BF4 Maps…this Christmas, or early January…Paracel Storm 2042, and Dawnbreaker 2042….or Even Flood….Imagine a Flood 2042?? Battlefield 4 is a Cult Classic…? ?

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