Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale On The Way? | GameSpot News

In today’s GameSpot News, Persia goes over reports of a battle royale mode that might be coming to Battlefield 2042 soon, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla getting a possible god-of-war styled expansion and more.

A battle royale mode for Battlefield…

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  1. RIP Battlefield. I used to appreciate you for not being Call of Duty or any other game. My first one was BF2 on PC and I was hooked, the teamwork the squads and commanders I used to play for hours. I had a favorite server with regulars and mods that made the games fun, we also had friendly fire active on the server. I skipped 2142, but fell back on the hook with Bad Company 2 and WHAT A GAME! 3 and 4 were great also. I am exhausted of of old world wars and weapons so I skipped 1 and 5.

    Then the trailer came out for 2042 and I thought you guys understood what the fans wanted….yet here we are. Well I am over 40 years old so I guess I am not the demo anymore for these companies so instead of making a game for us old fans EA is too busy chasing trends.

    All good things come to an end I suppose.

  2. The aim assist is still broken on consoles needs a fix ASAP and there’s a lot of other bugs I swear the game doesn’t record kills sometimes and there’s a ton of visual glitches as well.

  3. Why aren't they talking about predators at Sony and Activision Blizzard? Why don't you say anything about what is happening? Are they paying you to say nothing?

  4. No DICE please don’t do a Battle Royale, I think those of us that want to play a battle Royal already have a game, we play, and don’t want you to waste money on developing a battlefield Battle Royale let the companies that already have a battle Royal worry about that, go back to focusing on rush mode, that was a fun mode I enjoyed a lot, in the past, I would really prefer to have a fun rush mode to play… I’m talking like 2142’s Titan mode, by fun, as well… for if I want to play battle Royal I can go play fortnight, or any of the other battle Royal games, please do not apply any focus on s battlefield battle Royal, please focus on what your games fun and different from other games, and work on rush game modes/expansion packs, not a useless battle Royal mode… please dice listen to your community…

  5. Community? The "community" is playing the game and ranking up without people like you and the complainers. Anyone ranked 80 or higher laughs at you lot. I'm ranked 106.

  6. gotta get that fortnite money. and i'd bash Warzone too but Modern Warfare multiplayer was great. BF's multiplayer seems to be dead on arrival and broken AF.

  7. Even with the calm hipster music and soothing female voice they still could not convey this news to me without a massive look of disgust in my face. Like isn’t the CEO of Candy Crush one of the lead developers or something for 2042?

  8. if 2042 can get rid of 128 players for the core modes and shrink the maps a little and add the destruction we wanted. and put the 128 players towards a battle royale, the game would be fun.

  9. no, I swear to God. most of us are playing this game solely to make sure the franchise doesn't die. but if a BR gets added before or amidst all of our simple requests we will all leave

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