Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök Everything We Know So Far

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is getting a whole second year of post-launch content, kicking off with the Crossover Stories DLC that see Odyssey’s Kassandra and Valhalla’s Eivor meet. But the first major expansion for Year 2 is Dawn of Ragnarok, in…

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  1. Since origins I’ve gotten back to loving AC games. I know the stories of the first ones were really good. I actually loved them. But I just started getting bored with the combat. I know it’s a stealth game. I just was losing interest. Origins changed up combat a lot. And I liked it. Odyssey took another step forward then Valhalla. This new dlc looks crazy fun. It’s still got stealth from what I see. But I know this isn’t what some purist want. I think a name change at this point could be ok. But the whole idea behind all these games is playing memories. It wouldn’t make sense to use that if not called AC anymore. I know change is bad when you love a series. And if the change had started early in the series I probably would have not liked it. But after years of playing them I was getting bored. This change has brought me back. I’m just one person but I think a lot of people love what the game has been doing. Don’t know sales off top of my head but I think it sells pretty well. Which kinda shows the change didn’t hurt it much. Only the purist are bothered by it. And I understand that. So I just ranted for no reason really but to say…this looks freaking awsome lol

  2. Do I need to purchase AC: Valhalla 1st to play this? Or I can just go ahead and purchased this directly to PS-Store? Thanks in advance. What I mean, is this a dlc?

  3. Since i didn't like the Havi arc i'm gonna skip this. I hope they continue Eivor's story at some point, and we find out why he did end up in America.

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