An Unhinged Breakdown of All Halo Media

The Halo Universe: A rich, intricate tapestry chronicling humanities’ perseverance in the face of near extinction against universe-destroying technology and exploding Lovecraftian spore monsters.  And Halo Infinite promises to be the…

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  1. 22:25 oh I already know most if not all of this, I'm here to satisfy my need to be pedantic and cycle through all the halo lore I've accumulated like a smart AI cast adrift in half a severed star ship with no one for company but a traumatized former child soldier in cryo-sleep. I assume it's the same for you yes?

  2. The ending of the video really seemed like a conclusion to the character arc you set up for the persona you played, but something about the “Halo is my family” line made it feel like she had learned nothing.

    I was so emotionally invested in her loneliness I didn’t read it as a joke when she hung up the phone on (I assume) her sister, it just seemed to make her less connected to other people.

  3. Also you forgot Human weakness, the harrowing tale of how Cortana was psychologically tortured for months by the gestalt entity that is the final remnants of a race of gods driven to madness, whilst trapped in the festering and breaking down channels of high charity whilst Chief is off on the dreadnought then on the Ark until he rescues her.

  4. cracks knuckles to debate halo

    No, not really, I'm gonna get my brother who's so deep into halo he breathes it like a fish and make him watch your video while I finally get a turn at the xbox to play the game.

  5. love the white board in both this and also possibly future videos that i probably shouldn't mention. awesome that you dressed up and went to dave and busters. this almost ended up turning into horror lol. yay black and white.oh no sad jessie :'(

  6. Never played, don't want to, don't care about the lore, but Jessie still made this hilarious. ?

    Edit: I considered watching this again, on twice speed, just to see if Jessie sounded like a chipmunk, but-

  7. I'm not even a Halo fan, but I'm about to watch this because the title has the same energy as one of the Brian David Gilbert "Unraveled" videos from Polygon. And those are honestly gold.

  8. The editing was certainly interesting… I feel like it might have gone on a bit too far and went a tiny bit too crazy but I feel like that's also because I was expecting something different from what I actually ended up watching. I thought I was going to get a short rundown of the books, comics and all other media surrounding this awesome series. It's not necessarily a bad video but didn't quite live up to my expectation of giving us a short rundown of everything that Halo's extended universe has to offer story wise.

  9. You have good humour, I like you. Videos are easy to follow, even though the Halo timeline and lore is… well, a bit wierd sometimes.

    The more recent animated Halo videos I've seen are just bad, looks like an amateur made 'em.

    I haven't played Fireteam Raven either. And remember, age is only a number. Our inner kid must be let out sometimes!

  10. I loved your thoughts on a lot of the various Halo works, but I checked out around halfway thru because of the whole unhinged thing. Just became too extra. Would love to see a video that's just an breakdown/analysis though.

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